Akshar Lee Pant

We, at Akshar LeePANT offer varied vital and reliable engineering services in the field of electrical testing, maintenance and commissioning. We have a team of highly trained and talented young, enthusiastic and experienced Engineers and Technicians to execute various jobs.

We provide the full range of services like:


Conceptualising, Design & Engineering Of Substations/switch Yards

  • Preparation of single line diagrams including protection, control and interface requirements.
  • Layout drawings like equipment layouts, cable routing / power layout, Illumination system, grounding & lightning systems.
  • Preparation of cable schedules, control schematics and inter connection diagrams, panel board schedules.
  • CT/PT sizing calculation, Battery Sizing Calculation, Lighting Calculation and Distribution, Earthing Calculations, etc.

Engineering Services

System Study & Calculations

  • System study of power distribution system
  • Short circuit calculation, Fault level calculation & load flow analysis.
  • Protection relay co-ordination studies of over current and earth fault relays and unit protection relay settings for motor, transformer and generator.
  • The power system studies shall be carried out by the ETAP (Electrical Transient Analyzer Program).

Protection System Modernisation, Retrofit & Refurbishment

  • Protection scheme & system like Differential, REF etc., upgradation & modernization.
  • Revamping & retrofitting of switchgears, relays etc. for upgradation of the existing System with detail engineering.

Testing & Commissioning

Protection Relay Testing

  • Electromechanical, static & numerical relay testing by secondary injection.
  • Auxiliary relays operation pick up/drop off etc testing.
  • Protection tripping testing by primary injection.
  • All make relay testing i.e. English Electric, Alstom, Areva, Schneider, ABB,
  • Siemens, Jyoti, Easun Reyrolle, Ashidha, GE etc.

Protection Scheme

  • Restricted Earth Fault ( REF ) protection scheme for transformer.
  • Transformer and generator differential protection scheme.
  • Bus bar differential protection scheme.
  • Pilot wire protection scheme for feeders.
  • Synchronizing scheme for parallel operation of generator with Grid.
  • Load Shedding Schemes for Grid islanding.
  • Bus transfer scheme in independent, manual and auto.

Outdoor Substation

  • Power transformer.
  • Current transformer & Potential transformer.
  • Circuit breaker, Lightning arrester, Isolators, pole insulators, etc.
  • NGR, NGT, Earth pit & grid, cables, etc.
  • Control and relay panel, RTCC panel, Battery & Battery charger, etc.

Indoor Substation

  • Distribution transformer.
  • HT/LT switchgear, HT/LT cables, HT/LT motors.
  • MCC, PCC, APFC, PDB, LDB, DCDB, Battery & Battery charger etc.

Electrical Energy Audit Services

  • Formation of audit groups for specific areas and end use
  • Visual inspection and data collection
  • Observations on the general condition of the facility and equipment and quantification
  • Identification/verification of energy consumption and other parameters by measurements
  • Detailed calculations, analyses and assumptions
  • Validation
  • Potential energy saving opportunities
  • Implementation

Consultancy Services

  • Preparation of technical specifications for capital and non-capital items.
  • Technical review of the proposals and placement of orders to prospective bidders jointly with the owner.
  • Inspection of all capital items during stage and final after the manufacturing is completed.
  • Identification/verification of energy consumption and other parameters by measurements
  • Preparation of all drawings and technical documents required to be submitted to Chief Electrical Inspector approval for work commencement.
  • Periodic visit with Vendor engineer at the site during installation work and also emergency visit for as and when required for trouble free execution.